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St. Joseph de Beauce, QC, November 17, 2005

More and more boating enthusiasts want to spend their vacations or their leisure time on the water, but without having to spend a fortune.

Well aware of this trend, Southland is now offering an optional “privacy package” for its CHAMPAGNE, X-STREAM RA and X-STREAM models, which are already well equipped for meal preparation.

The new privacy package allows you to enjoy a night of quiet sleep on board.

This package is designed to ensure all the peace and quiet and the privacy needed for a good night sleep. It includes curtains for all of the full camper top windows and a long central curtain that separates the front from the back to create two sleeping areas. Combined w/ the folding sofa bed - that Southland designed to allow plenty of storage space underneath - and with the spacious dressing room equipped with a chemical toilet, this package ensures every comfort for spending the night on the boat.

Now that you can be assured of a peaceful sleep, let’s see what Southland has to offer for mealtimes. The CHAMPAGNE, X-STREAM RA and X-STREAM models already come with the necessary equipments, a kitchenette package built in the console and including a baked laminate counter, a sink, a tap, two portable water tanks, an ice box and two 12V outlets. Thanks to its compact design, this package leaves plenty of free space - children have a lot of room for their games and activities. Add to the kitchenette package the optional BBQ and you have everything you need to prepare all your meals on the boat.

There is an obvious need for storage space when you live on a pontoon boat,” says Danielle Roy, Southland's president. “You need to store safety belts, towels, swimming suits, extra clothes for hot days and cool weather, as well as for beverages, foods, toys, and so on. There is never enough space”. Our Industrial Design Department did a tremendous job: Southland CHAMPAGNE 24 and 26-foot models offer large cubic feet of storage space.

Southland pontoon boats are built in St. Joseph, a town in the Beauce region of Quebec, by a family-owned company. Southland has been building pontoon boats since 1992 with a passion for excellence, and is proud to market products of the highest quality in design, construction, reliability and durability.


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